EX-50 Business Jet

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"Decaff_42: I'm proud to release my EX-50 business jet, deigned by myself and my partner for our Aircraft Design class."

[Jun 6] NAS Pensacola Air Show (VNAF)


Thrush 510, 550, S2R


"CF-116: Hey guys, continuing on with the ag planes, heres a couple models i scratch built from the Thrush S2R and 510P maintenance manuals. Not sure if the handling is correct as im not a pilot, however the visual model and the cockpit are close to how they look in real life. The models are all blanks. The S2R has a Pratt and Whitney R-1340 radial engine, the 510 has the option of a few different Pratt and Whitney PT-6 series turboprop engines as well as the General Electric H80 engine, Finally the 550 is powered by the Pratt and Whitney PT-6. I work on these aircraft types (minus the 550) at work. I'm hoping to do a whole low res ag pack. Let me know what you think!"

Abel Jets Fleets


"Abel: Here you can download the released fleet pack right to our website and see the development of my airline's fleet updates."

Air Tractor AT-500


"Patrick31337: This is an original model I made based on the AT-500 crop duster that was buzzing my house one day. This is not a high-detail or high-quality model. It is my first serious attempt at making a model from scratch. The .dat was based off the stock P-51 file, with realistic numbers for power, speeds, and wing area."

Akira's Repaint Pack - B747-481 ANA

Original post by Akira:
June 7th, 2009
The first YS add-on release in my life
B747-481 ANA
B747-481D ANA
B747-481 ANA (NO CDU)
B747-481D ANA (NO CDU)
Credit : B747-400 by Taskforce58

"Lucas: GOL Airlines Boeing 737-300"

BOAC Vickers VC10

Credits: Skipper, Dan, Dave, TF58/Sandeep

TAM Airlines Airbus A320-200

"Lucas: Available for Download one of my works done in November 2012, TAM Airbus A321-200 Soon I will be increasing more projects from our previous hangar. Credits aircraft: OWL"